Our Artists


Image: Daisy Benson

Image: Daisy Benson

Selene Colburn is an Associate Library Professor at the University of Vermont, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Music and Dance, where her teaching (like her work) focuses on the intersections of research and performance. Her original performances have appeared at venues such as the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, the Bay Area Dance Series, Movement Research at Judson Church, the Cultivate Festival, the Scope Art Fair, the Firehouse Gallery, the Phantom Theater, and the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. She is a member of Dance Tramp, a newly-formed collective of Vermont-based, experimental dance artists, and is continuing ongoing research and performance of The Hall, a work-in-progress that questions practices of taxidermy, human perception of animal states, and acts of representation.

HANNAH DENNISONhannah headshot

Hannah Dennison has been creating and teaching contemporary dance in Vermont for over 35 years.

My body knows, if I can just pay attention, open my senses, and let go of habits.  All aspects of the work of creating and presenting offer just what I need to live fully and connect with others.



Image: Harold Roth

Image: Harold Roth

Lida Winfield is an accomplished dancer, chorographer and spoken word artist whose who has performed nationally and internationally. She is one of the core teaching artists at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, teaching both children and adults how to access truth and meaning in their body and words. In her personal creations Lida focuses primarily on solo and duet performances that are rich with movement, text, and visual art.

For more information on Lida check out: www.lidawinfield.com


Image: Christopher Ahern

Image: Christopher Ahern

Ellen Smith Ahern choreographs, teaches and performs as an independent artist in New York and Vermont.  She has had the opportunity to collaborate with many great artists and currently creates strange and wonderful dances with Kate Elias, Double Vision, David Appel, Jane Comfort & Company and her duet partner, Lida Winfield.

Please visit www.ellensmithahern.com and, to learn more about Ellen and Lida’s duet work, visit www.winfieldaherndance.com